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S L S 33. Have a Good Night
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


This song was a major hit for us in the year 000000000000000000000.


Sitting in a room makes me feel sickened and numb
Opening my eyes I see where I'm from
Now lying in a room makes me dream of sighs
And I hear cries and something dies amidst all the lies
And nothing makes me think of sitting anymore
Sitting on the floor makes me think of trees
Scratchin' off silver from an old man's head
Drink all my blood 'till I fall over dead
Ridin' on a train nonstop up the hill
Gonna chop off your arm just to stay off the pill
Learnin' good manners from the guy next door
Bounce off your head and punch through the floor
Puttin' me on with your magical powers
Goin' big game huntin' gonna kill off the flowers
Turn off the lights and say goodbye
Goin' out to dinner gonna eat all the sky
Put on my shoes gettin' ready to swim
Scratchin' my back standin' next to him
Walk through the river and sail to sea
Take off your brain and hand it to me
Talk to the fishies livin' in the ground
Went dumpster divin' look what I found
Take out the trash gonna feed it to my dog
Gonna climb up the wall pass through the frog
Drivin' down the road in my brand-new car
It runs on apples gonna drive it real far
Goin' to the mountains gonna climb up the trees
Goin' to the bathroom gonna go pee-pee
The sun's gettin' black time to go to bed
Tuck in my blankie and turn off my head
I walk myself back upstairs and have myself a snack
I like to watch the sunset the sky is turning black
And now I'm feeling tired so I'll put myself to bed
And dream of furry sheep jumping in my head



guitar (sort of):