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X L X 44. The Unquestionable Truth
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Existence is futile
Change is irrelevant reincarnation is necessary
And karma is inherent in that
Aliens exist
Your lifetime is eternity longer than life itself exists
Chances are small that you'll come back to this world
But the cow you put through your intestines
Could have been your mother or your son
Time has no influence over the energy of souls
But soul energy creates time in order for it all to coexist at once
Death is meaningless
Evil causes evil
It has always existed it's no worse than good, no better
Only a different opposite
Positive and negative have positive and negative connotations
But all they are is opposites
Without one the other would be irrelevant
Nothing would be good needs evil
Good is relative evil is relative
Perspective skews reality to smulrch one's inner workings
To make it all understandable
My thoughts cannot be processed by your brain
Without first deciphering the code
Destroying reality is as easy as pulling the trigger if that gun
Means to you what it means to me