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S L X 49. Stopper, Driver
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Be careful; this song is scary. This song was recorded because the distortion pedal sounds "scary" when the batteries are low.


You look sad, little man
What's wrong?
Did your dad lose his hand?
No way, how'd that happen?
Was he falling off a cliff?
Did he try to stop himself like this?
Oh that must've hurt
And there goes his hand now he's falling
Now he lands ha ha ha
Oh that, that's terrible
I'm sorry, young man
Why don't you come to my house
You can sleep there for now
Don't mind the mouse
I know it's big and I know its eyes are red
And I know it's seven feet tall and it eats people at night
But who cares because what have you got to live for anyway
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha