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S L X 01. Let's Be Merry
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


This is the first song on our "Christmas album." It's sort of about Christmas but more about dying and eating people. This was one of the first Piz songs that was heavily manipulated with a computer. This is mainly because the system that jonjohnny mcfee uses to create songs doesn't usually involve much planning or practicing or recording parts more than once.


holiday spirit's in the air
the end is coming soon
tomorrow we will wake up dead and sing a merry tune
christmas cheer and fun and glee
death and pain and dread
i must take your life, my friend
and the sugarplums in your head
i will eat them one by one for i am a jolly man
christmas makes me happy
i am sad to say i'm gone in a strange and distant land
i shall return on christmas day and gnaw away your hand
i am forever hungry for the flesh of living men
hitching a ride on santa's sleigh i will return again