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X L X 2. 21. Toothpaste
(Lyrics: paul, jonbobby mcfee & some other people; Music: reuben & some other people)


is that what we're singing?
we'll do that
1 2 3 4
i brush my teeth every day
gettin' toothpaste is the way
when i brush my teeth, i brush 'em hard
i don't like blah blah tub of lard
yeah and i eat pizza for lunch
brushin' our teeth
i ate pizza for lunch
gave me cavities, a bunch
ahhh yeah aaahhh
brushin' our teeth
really hard
brushin' our teeth
we're not a retard
brushin' our teeth
really fast
brushin' our teeth
full of gas
brushin' our teeth
yeah yeah yeah
brushin' our teeth
yeah yeah yeah
i eat dinner, i eat steak
i drink milk
and uh, it's not fake yeah yeah hoo hu yeah
i get stomach ache
i go in bedroom and i sleep
wake up next morning, brush my teeth
i grab toothpaste, squeeze it on
and stuff happens all over me
i chew gum on vacation
because i can't brush my teeth
i chew, uh, that one kind, what is it? (trident)
i chew trident all the time
guitar solo
woohoo yeah woohoohoohoo
good job
that was good
we sing a song, before we make the words up
brushin' our teeth
um yeah i prefer apple
i don't know i like cherry pie
huh huh
cow's not as good as apple
a horse of course is a horse of course but who would talk to a horse of course
brain pie
the famous talking horse thingamajinger mr. ed
and his name is mr. ed
doo doo doo doot
wrong song huh