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S L X 04. Convenient Obstacles
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


"I asked a guy for money, but he gave me the color pink"


alone and confused with nothing to lose
I set out for the city with nothing but my shoes
which happen to be blue or green or yellow or red
don't ask me, I'm not right in the head
but maybe left, that's the way I should go
I'll ask people 'cause they don't really know
what's wrong and that's what I think
I asked a guy for money but he gave me the colour pink
that's strange, I thought to myself
I'll go ask my car, maybe he can give me help
but he didn't, but that's okay
that wasn't the first thing that I learned that day
what I really thought, was the guy was mad
I asked him what's the cheese because it was glad
but that doesn't really make sense
I had myself a dollar when I put on my pants
this morning, or was it the other day
I don't really know 'cause I'm confused today
that's all right, I'll go to the store
maybe they can help me slam my head to the floor
and bleed until my brain falls out
all the pretty ladies will come and scream and shout
at my pants, they have a dollar
that's not what they said to me but I told him
and they laughed when I tried to fly
look at me, now I'm going to die
that's not funny, but I think it is
'cause my head's confused, can I have his?
my head's confused in my brain
my brain's confused in my head
my brain's confused and my head's combrain
brain's confused, head's combrain
brain, confused in the head
head head, confused