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S L S 07. Gigantically Svelte
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A song about hippos. This song was recorded after Chris broke the head of one of the toms in half. We recorded this song in order to have a song with the sound of a drumstick going through the head of the drum.


sometimes I wonder, can the hippos see me
underwater where they swim lightly
the gods banned them because they ate up the grass
do I want to pet 'em? no, think that I'll pass
sometimes I wonder all about life
is it a spoon or is it a knife
does it make sense I don't know
is it my finger or is it my toe
but I like them under the water
I wonder sometimes is breathing much harder
or maybe soft like a big fluffy pillow
here comes one now I say hello
"how are you?" but he doesn't answer me
I don't think he can talk but I know he can see
D that's the letter that comes next
I wonder if D and E have sex
or maybe they just hug
I wonder do they have microscopic bugs
on them you know on their body
yeah I think that D is a hottie
not cold like an ice cream cone
ow my head hurts and I wanna go home
to my bed, mmmm sleep is good
I cover myself up with my blanket hood
hippos eatin' grass
hippos eatin' grass



the guitar is fake.