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X L S 09. Stale Freshness
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


wake up realize there's more,
don't just stand looking in from the door
you're tired of being a corporate whore,
quit your job at the store
get yourself off the floor, stop being poor
join the military, go to war
if we all kill each other now we won't have to wait around
to bring ourselves to death, bring it to us right now
you're more tired with every breath, so don't fuss, stand proud
protect values you never had, pretend to save the world
and selectively go mad, forget about your dad, nothing's sad
when it's kill or be killed it's not just some fad
the international pastime and language in one spectacular
display not seen since the last time offer good
at participating locations while supplies last
don't pass up the opportunity to fight for unity
and see justice done, turn to dust and be one
give up lust for a gun, burn cities, bust banks have some fun
exotic, neurotic, destitute prostitutes,
foreign bars, military cars, bomb mom and her kids
and tell dad what you did, and when he flips his lid
blow it off and watch his brain fall out and his hair flutter down
have another drink and laugh run around take a bath
sleep, wake up, take a piss, bomb her sister
poison crops, murder cops, get a medal,
a new kettle, dust will settle, the fun never stops
watch the face of fear fall apart under a blanket of blood
make the place you see here wash away with the flood
of red drain away pain so just a stain remains
death is just a buffer for earthly misery
don't think things could get rougher do the duty
makes you tougher and that's what you gotta be



guitar is similar but with chords between the bass notes.