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X L S 12. Vomitous Meal
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


my feet are on fire from your flame
is this some kind of joker game
well it's not funny, I don't like it
no sir no, not one bit
so I'm telling you now, you better quit
before I start to throw a fit
I'll fall on the floor and start to scream
people will stare at you and think you're mean
ha-ha, I'll laugh
that is what you get
you should be thrown into a big pit
i would if my feet weren't on fire
what are you saying that I'm a liar
well I'm not 'cause it's getting hot
I'll have to go lay down in my cot
one day I saw Jimmy come to play
and he didn't want to, couldn't stay
so he went to the playground and read some books
and then we snuck in to cook
and we cooked lots of cookies, took a bath
then we had to go in the math and math is hard
auuoan talothinkamikiri shamaonu nekurikuhikurak rekarik
rekarinarishnu edifursh enifurnifurdi lananifur der ber fli fra
lataninachinanu achunnichu chiddi chi chi cha
chiddi chi chi cha chiddi chi chi cha
chiddi chi chi cha chiddi chi chi well that was—that was crap


aronfire...   from...  my feet