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X L X 17. Natural Artifice
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


frogs croak calls of caution
dogs bark at growing walls of fear
paranoia plagues uneasy posh
insecure in seemingly stable
positions procure unnecessary precautions
creating suspicion spreading anxious
production of useless protections
against imagined aggressions
selfish minds folding in upon themselves
over inner conflicts, paradoxes
created by assumptions based on
fallacies of connections between
capitol and contentedness
idealized theories of love leave
compassion to care for only itself
lazy business-minded individuals
sit around smoking stogies
cocktail drinking brunch munching
endeavours to keep top dogs on
top of the illusionary pyramid of
superiority, men living in egos
to mask the empty
unfulfilling lonely life they glimpse
on occasion and quickly block
with idle pastimes designed to
divert energy from self reform
to the sloth and apparent
indifference that creates so
much artificial comfort and
stability in a world seen by
few, understood by fewer
and being constantly
disassembled by everyone else
to make way for a world
that will never be any different
interrupted only by momentary
mental clarity quickly dissipated
into mad chaos by frantic
flails at humour by
ranting self-appointed sheriffs
of perpetual confusion
that is recurringly accepted
as truth nullifying faith
to destroy joy to make comfort
a physical quality only,
as life is stripped to its shallowest pleasures
and mental contemplations are
reduced to five-second scenes of
an imaginary utopia seeping into
a drooling mind front as instinct is repressed,
money replaces god, and pseudo-intellect
heads heartless businesses
full of fools with forgotten notions of
creativity, free will, and originality
(and who hardly even know what their loneliness is)