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X L S 21. Utopian Hell
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


seventy hills as dark as the moon
serenity fills a flying balloon
soaring above the heavy morose
boring a dove with a case of the slows
infectious runs blood surrounded with muck
imperfect suns flood the ground and get stuck
the fortieth grave is filled with old cream
that once was brave but was killed in a dream
the dunce's impatience was stilled with a scream
and a few dewdrops on frozen roses still gleam
a sloppy old codger with a brittle moustache
hops like a badger with a little new cash
stop the old blender and render the stove
a miser not minding the cold of the cove
the sand rains empty from the grey and the pink
and saltwater fills the day and the sink
whose fault were the pills that never drained
the malt gave me chills the day that it rained
over there the event was strange


something like that anyway.