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X L X 22. Comfortable Itch
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


every time you scream, I look at you real weird
every time you run, I assume it's out of fear
please don't blame me if I'm a big scary monster
if I had my choice, I would be a red sea lobster
if you want my advice, just come a little close
I know what I am and it's not a little pose
I'm big and scary and live underneath your bed
waiting until you're asleep and then gnawing upon your head
you may open your eyes to see me staring right at you
you can try to scream and run but I wouldn't if I were you
'cause I'm a monster and believe me I run real fast
I like to eat small children although they give me lots of gas
but that's all right 'cause every night I feast upon their bones
like sugar and tea so happily I eat them like ice cream cones