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X L X 24. Ominous Particle
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


dark stormy clouds lurk off in the distance
and with my mind on high you know I'll put up a resistance
from the storm that is coming, the wind that is blowing
my body now becoming what my mind is never showing
(guitar solo)
nothing is the substance of which all things are made
our thoughts are in the infinite, hiding in the shade
all things are one, and one is into none
our fathers are our mothers and our mothers are our suns
if you know what I'm talking then it shouldn't be so shocking
just open your eyes to reality in the sky
now is the time to clear our minds of hatred
wash away our fears, leaving something sacred
(guitar solo)
this is the last of your life
this is it, now say goodbye
this is the last of your life
this is the end, now say goodbye