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S L X 26. Striped Continuum
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A "serious-sounding" song about sad, depressing stuff, with a lot of tape hiss. This was accidentally left off of "Return to Stupidland" but it sounds too serious anyway. I don't remember the story behind this song. I thought it was going to be on Return to Stupidland but it wasn't and I didn't mind. Maybe it needs new lyrics. Too late now!


fifteen miles left and falling fast
better than the rest, you'll never be the last
to sell your soul, to tap your heart
dry as a bone, to think you're smart,
to be so wrong, to die so slowly,
to live so long, to be so lonely
I know what I say doesn't really matter
to anyone not even me because you know there's nothing sadder
than thinking things you don't say, saying things you don't think
and I thrive on that depressing sort of thing