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X L X 1. 03. Tom can't square dance
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


bread and lonely spinach in my teeth
take me tuesday, big blob of beef
(monkey monkey monkey)
pig in hand but not right now
don't eat gold and milk my cow
(monkey monkey monkey)
neck brace, but on my leg
crash the butt right in the peg
(monkey monkey monkey)
tell you the truth in my mother's milk
i love you. please wear my kilt
(monkey monkey monkey)
please don't speak leather pants
i eat rocks and army ants
(monkey monkey monkey)
hurting me is not the way
kick me tomorrow but not today
the world is false, do not believe
i think it would be better if you should leave
cowboy hats and purple butts
they all add up to bloody cuts
mother pig eat your young
animal killer, wasn't that fun?
take me home, i'm not well
see you all in the land of hell
(monkey monkey monkey)