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X L X 34. Disassembled Reconstruction
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


that zombie been eatin' your friend's brain
don't you care? what's wrong with you? don't you care?
this here the time of the year reserved for three o'clock
that the time when things get scary with big ol' ghosts
and goblins crawling up your spine
so run away now before a zombie comes eatin' you
after he's done with your friend over there
you wanna be keepin' your brains for thinkin' at school
night sure is a fright beyond the sight of no mortal man
ghosts with flaming red eyes come without disguise
gonna frighten you away
so you run there 'cause three-o'-the-clock is here
get away, zombie, get away
no, that's my medulla oblongata
no, I need those too