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X L X 35. One God, Many Feces
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


black charcoal fills my soul and my brain now
silver sparkles kill the flowers in the drain yeah
take a red marker will ya colour in the rain oh
sitting in the park will put a bruise in your pain, yo
hit the skinny monster with a radioactive grapefruit
you're a funny lobster with a very attractive ape foot
something perpendicular to what I just was thinking
nothing as ridiculous as what I'm always drinking
I'm a lipstick wearing happy little housewife
and I lick sticks of butter and sometimes bite
fatty fat is what I like to ingest
and that fat is the fat that I like best
Satan came by today to say hi
he baked me cookies with M&M®'s
oatmeal evil chip so wonderful it screams
he stayed a while but by and by
he left to tie up loose ends
happy dead men whip me in my awful dreams
evil takes some pain away
but suffering remains
eating sinful cakes today
ignites sulphur in my veins
although I try, I can't recall how to cry
looking at the bread I saved,
all mouldy in decay it was fine just yesterday
and with a two-ply wooden eye
cook my head in the microwave
evil rakes my brain away
the buffer zone refrains
from taking all the fun from play
but true happiness it drains