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X L X 37. Instantaneous Eternity
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


this is a story about Bobby
one day, Bobby had to go to the supermarket
to get his mommy some bread (bread)
Bobby's mommy gave him two dollars
to get a whole loaf of bread and one gallon milk
so Bobby started walking
down to the store
it was several miles away so Bobby had to walk fast
the sun was going down
when he got to the first corner, Bobby saw
well he saw a little girl
her name was Susie
she was playing hopscotch
so Bobby said,
"hello Susie, may I play with you?"
just then, Susie turned into a big man
with a black coat on
he had a balloon floating above his head
Bobby said, "what's that balloon for?"
the man said, "that's so I can fly"