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X L X 38. Problematic Solution
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


this time for real
really real real
this one is for your daddy
play this one like your daddy was here
get down
upside-down around the back can
pushing up daisies under my bed
have I gone nuts or is it in my head
pumpkin jerry and his best friend toe
planting raisins deep in the snow
heartburn sally with her long yellow hair
tried to stand up but I couldn't find a chair
poison apple so fresh and nice
sleep on the mould, gave me some lice
looking down under my neck
what's going on, what the heck
flying in the sky, falling on the ground
couldn't be down, couldn't be found
famous Danish crackers in my tummy
gotta go to the bathroom, gotta get rummy
big picture on the wall
I look at it but then it falls
on my head, I go "ow"
go to the room and I gotta go now
pick up the phone, is that for me?
I gotta play guitar and I gotta take a pee
took the bus downtown tomorrow
gotta go dee nebison hara
a ha ha