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S L X 41. Accidental Purpose
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A song with two unrelated sets of lyrics sung simultaneously; bobbobby's lyrics were added because we wanted to finish a lot of songs that day, and jonbobby's lyrics were added because "incontinence of the mind" was a good phrase and we didn't know at first that there were already lyrics.


looking at your face
I see the apple race
of people and person
looking at me I can see someone inside
maybe another person
a place and time for me and my rhyme
call me a writer if you will
but a crayon I use for the letters
to fuse words about how I feel
the time to act is now in fact
little more than a minute
ways to play outside with your bike and swammie
saying good things about your mom and mammy
now just think today I'm alive
a new way to look at things
for the songs that may play will always go away
like a bird taking to wing
incontinence of the mind
dreams of what I'll find
are seldom left behind
as I wander through a hazy day
no self-control is mine
as over solitude I pine
and I wish the stars would shine
as I ponder in a lazy way
possibilities of many fates
hopeful to find what sedates
so peace of mind I could create
but loneliness makes for a crazy stay
in the thoughts of roamers
who wish not to be loners (owners)
bad sadness makes my soul a blazing grey