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X L X 42. Concave Bumps
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


set yourself on fire and throw away the key
listen to the flames that you roast lightly
today is gone and today was fun
but tomorrow is yet another one
wasting your breath trying to catch the sun
you laugh at such an idea of grandeur
but without your laughing, are you so sure?
everything once known is now forgotten to you
were you one step ahead or behind by two
doesn't matter now the flames engulfing your eyes and melting
don't you worry, you don't feel a thing
as you die, you can hear all the birds a-sing
goodbye, cruel world, and I'll see you in forty-nine days
when I come back it will be a new phase
a new life, if you will
but if you ask me twice, I wouldn't take the pill
but don't criticize me, that's just the way I feel
ah, forget it, they're all the same
they all spend their money for fifteen minutes of fame
giving their lives to play the game
rusty spoons in my brain scooping out my mind now
now I'm going insane
cereal for the gods, causing me pain