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X L X 43. Completely Partial
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


in times still unforeseen,
cows rule the land peaceful and serene
when man has died away and grass
turned brown to green
there lived the cows and goats who
shared the fielded country scene
when goats uprooted vegetation
cows scoffed and cringed
in spite that land may have
fed me some cold and lonesome
night. the need for feed and lack of
seed put cattle into fright
so goats were done away with by us bulls
who saw our plight
Moosaweenie says kill 'em off
Admiral Beef says evil goat scum
then rams came down from the mountains
to protect their cousins' blood
and two armies clashed and fell to death
and the birds laughed at tornados
and fish laughed at a flood
until there was no more
of the cloven hoof
to chew the cud