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X L X 44. Clearly Blurred
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


now in this way I'm about to share with you
things that don't have to be added to
like soft fluffy clouds that float in the sky
that you may gaze upon while walking by
or maybe a small golden fish swimming in a lake
that comes up to you offering a shake
but you say, "no, I've made a mistake,
life can't be this way; I thought it was fake"
so now you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself about
your legs start to quiver and then they give out
you fall to the floor and begin to shout,
"somebody help me, I can't get out"
nobody helps you so you begin to scream
"don't worry," they say, "I know just what you mean
we've been and then and all around the world
our heads have gotten too fat
our eyes can't see but that of a cat"
now do you feel the world has gotten strange?
a galaxy of chaos that you can't rearrange
that's too bad; that's the way it is
but it always seems that way when you listen to the Piz
oh yeah