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X L X 46. Mad Sanity
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


A-ko puppy all day long
A-ko puppy while I sing this song
runs and jumps all over me
have to let her out so she can take a pee
she's Miss America incognito
she's super-dee-duper, neato bandito
she likes to lick the lotion off of me
she likes to watch me climb a tree
she gets me muddy when it rains
but that's okay yeah she's no pain
A-ko you're a puppy and you run real fast
all this energy, how do you last
I don't really know but I wish I did
'cause then I could keep up with my kid
you like to chase Oliver around the house
as if you were the cat and he was the mouse
yeah A-ko yeah A-ko A-ko puppy yeah A-ko