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X L X 50. Roughly Gentle
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


monkey monkey you're so clean
prettiest thing I've ever seen
so funny and brown, your hair is shiny
I'm so glad that you're all miney
monkey monkey don't be bad
just be good so I'll be glad
happy happy is what you are
no no monkey you can't drive my car
monkey and I we go to the store
we tell each other jokes and we fall on the floor
people come and laugh at us
but it don't matter 'cause we ride the bus
monkey monkey you're so cool
I wish that I could take you to school
but my teacher wouldn't like that
that's okay 'cause he's too fat
monkey monkey you're the man
I just don't think that you understand
you know how to do about everything
you don't look so good on the monkey swing
you know monkey you're the best
you know I wouldn't have to second-guess
that's why you're so awesome
I'm just glad that you're not a 'possum