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X L X 52. Pertinent Nonsense
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


"...put in a lawn in over the winter months when it's a little bit cooler. I planned on taking a camping trek about, oh I guess been two weekends ago now. Had everything ready to go. After I put my camper on I had a busted water line which must have frozen during the winter, and while I was in the process of repairing that, I found I had a elbow from my holding, or from my uh, water tank, that was, had a slow leak in it. And my golly, both the water line and the elbow are places that are really difficult to get at. But I finally got that all squared away and we got the camper all cleaned up, and, uh, I bought a power unit. You know when you was here we were talking about a power unit. Well I bought a three thousand, uh, three thousand amp or three thousand watt? I'm not sure which way it goes now. But that's plenty big enough to carry the air conditioner, and I extended the step in back about six inches so, and, so I can just set the power unit on that and bolt it down and carry my electrical power with me. I think it was three hundred and eighty some dollars, Searo-Sears-Roebuck® model. But by the time I got all that ready to go and hooked up the electricity for, to see how the refrigerator was gonna cool down, I find it isn't cooling down. So I've been having a heck of a time trying to find anybody that'll have anything to do with 'em. You know they're um, oh, I, I guess you call it a suction, uh, type refrigerator. There's no motor or anything like this, so, uhh the circulation or the cooling is done with heat. You either have uh, your gas, uh, pilot light burning to create the heat, or you have a electric heating element to create the heat. And uh, most of these refrigerator people don't even know what the coolant is that goes in the tank. I guess it's a mixture, or I've heard it's a mixture of water and ammonia, but nobody knows to what..."