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S L X 08. Space Cows
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


This song is about space cows.


training under the great masters of cud,
we learned the special technique of milk-fu
with their four brains they are able to process thought
to the extreme of bovinious enlightenment
on Marchtober 3rd, 4632,
the cows revolted against the space cowboys
who had been herding them for many a year
by mixing strains of milk, they had learned
to think outside of the four-squared space station
their thought had become more
than their so-called masters could understand
yes the cows had thought their space cowboys to death
so we journeyed to their planet called Cud
where we received mind-numbing explanations
of universal oneness. people have gone mad
listening to their lessons for too long
space cows