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X L S 1. 06. butthole
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


green pens, purple hens, big rugs, mutant bugs,
soda cans, pots and pans, chair back, guy name mac

chorus- butt hole, butt holey-hole

table salt, black cult, hair cuts, gay mutts, mother goose,
hang loose, telephone, no one's home, ear wax, i play jacks


butterfly, purple sky, government, elephant,
green grass, big ass, back pack, lunch sack, ugly man, go in can,


people hate and discriminate, paper sheet, i hate meat, say something,
dogs are humping, christmas tree, take a pee, shoe horn, yellow corn


5, bee hive, ear lace, keep up pace, jean pants, army ants, pin holes,
cow poles, have a look, learn in book,


chewing cud, elmerfudd, don't eat cows, take me now,
stop this song, it was long.



guitar intro (1 beat = 8 spaces):
2------------------------------- etc.
repeat a few times

other part:
repeat lots

end part:

silly bassline:
play over and over forever