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X L X 12. Butterjelly
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


life is just a big leaky box of blood
with watered-down bacteria, pepper, and mud
if you catsup you can relish
all the salt that you can mustard
have ice cream when it's hellish
whipped cream banana custard
soupy strange brown slop caked on a layered wrap
and what a sour pickle you're in now
wake up, smell that flour
now that's butterjelly
hardcore butterjelly yeah huh wow
watch out for that tomato juice
and those green peas
huh uh wow
apple pie is good for you
helps you grow big and fat
fat like me yeah mmmm
butterjelly butterjelly
butterjelly on my toast uh
my toast yeah
that's butterjelly
that's butterjelly
that's butterjelly
butterjelly yyy y