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X L S 13. Fish Belly Darkness
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


i'm in love with an outer space ghost who haunts me, yeah
she comes to me through the deep black sea
in a translucent haze like a fish belly
she's short and scares me but i don't mind
'cause i love her
my space prairie dogs get mad
when she comes to visit in my ship
yeah they try and bite her
she's not made out of matter,
my outer space love ghost
don't try to fight her
so i'll feed all my space prairie dogs
to a prairie eating dragon who will take them from me
and he'll say, "thanks!"
see you later little doggies!
and i'll go and live with my space,
with my space ghost love
and we'll be happy, so happy on our own little planet
and we'll say, "aaahh, prairie dogs, aahh, take that!"