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X L X 15. Zombie-Anti-Guns
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


here we are on Planet Dead,
fighting space zombies who are trying to eat our heads
shooting them down with our giant space guns yeah
it's pretty damn bloody but you know it sure is fun
yeah we heard of your kind from our zombie radar
so we came down here to steal all of your cars
'cause boy, aren't they fast? yeah, look at them go!
with this kind of car, you will never miss the show
so here we are, zombies, to finish off your kind
no more eating flesh and eating others' mind
no more trapping people to be your yummy feast
yeah that's kind of gross, not to say the least
yeah your flesh-eating days have all been numbered
yeah we're mowin' you down, striking you like thunder
try to eat us if you dare but you won't
because we've got zombie-anti-guns so you beware
you can come from the ground and you can come from
the trees or you can come from the sky and try and eat
our knees, but you won't succeed, mister zombie
mister space zombie
i hope you had fun on your Planet Dead
'cause in the next second, you'll be eating my lead
oi, get ready men! there they are over that hill
fire when you see the blood of their eyes
that'll teach you to eat my brain