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X L X 18. Mr. Boar's Important Lesson
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


skiddledy deep budimbudoo, boombadoombadoo
skiddledy, gobbeldadoop
little Miss Mary Jackson was really good at fractions
yeah she could add a-real good
every day in math class she would raise her hand
'cause she would know all the answers to the
mathematics problems. none of the kids
really liked her 'cause she was so smart
yeah she would go to the store for her mom
to buy some groceries. she knew exactly
what the price of them were going to be
so she pushed her shopping cart around the store
and then one day she was approached by a boar
big hairy pig came up and said,
"please don't buy bacon anymore"
she thought this was funny so she landed on the floor
in hysterical laughter
Mr. Sam Cobbler was really good at the plumb bobber
he would take measurements of the street
to make sure that it was straight
one day little Miss Jackson met Mr. Sammy Bobber
and they ate lots of pizza together
that very same night at the pizza bakery
Miss Mary Jackson knew how many
pepperonis he wanted on his pizza
Sam Bobber made sure that the pizza was straight
yes the pizza was straight and there was enough
pepperonis for everyone to eat
but then Mr. Boar came along and said,
"hey, don't be eating pepperonis either"
so they fell on the floor once again
in hysterical laughter