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X L X 20. Vegetarian Zombies
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


zombies have risen from the grave
to eat your vegetables; they're not safe anymore
they've come from far and wide
searching for what's inside your fridge
there they are in the produce section
ripping out the artichoke hearts
eating heads of lettuce and broccoli
your vegetables aren't safe anymore
'cause they're vegetarian zombies
lock your door and bury your greens
these zombies aren't here for your brains
they want carrots and celery with green beans
vegetarian zombies, yeah
there they are in your garden like bunny rabbits
digging up your radishes and squash
with dirt in their nails, corn and peas
are what's on their diet not your brains
or meat or your arms or their legs
'cause they're vegetarian zombies, yeah
vegetarian zombies, yeah
they don't want your brains
they want some soybeans
with the tofu and the veggie turkey
apples and grapes are their favorite thing
'cause they're vegetarian zombies
yeah yeah yeah
yeah uh yeah ow yeah
yeah give it to me