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X L X 23. The Robot Slide
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


much to know about all their secret plans,
so we sneak aboard their ship and try to understand
what they are building
hiding behind our enemies' lines,
we look around to see what we may find
and we find important documents
with the finding of these we become much pleased and
we start to crawl back on our hands and our knees
upon further examination, we come to an explanation
of what they're going to do
a giant disco robot is what they're going to build and
if we don't stop them now, then we'll surely be killed
we're almost to our ship when we suddenly hear the lip
of robots on patrol
they come running after us so we crawl away fast,
but they use their laser guns and shoot us in the ass
we get taken by these fiends and thrown into a stream
of galactic dust
we make it to our craft, but their laser on my ass
will be hurting for a while