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X L X 32. Thanks to the Monkey
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


now i'm really ready; those were just practice sessions
chooka chooka, laka laka hee
the crab spirit fought the crazy monkey
to save the duck in the sombrero galaxy
that's the way it was told to me
now the monkey became a really good guy
and didn't want to see all the worlds die
so he took off straight into the sky
to fight the evil robot, with his laser eye
so the battle was fought deep in outer space where
the monkey found the robot and quickly gave chase
so the robot he turned to shoot his laser eyes
and hit the good-guy monkey right between the thighs
the monkey cried out in pain and surprise,
then cursed the evil robot for having laser eyes
just then, from out of nowhere,
the monkey leaped up and said, "i declare!
we will stand no more for your evil robot ways!
i'm taking revenge right here today!"
the monkey fought like he was possessed
and went for the robot to do his very best
the robot tried to fight but he didn't stand a chance
'cause the monkey was crazy and he came from France
he tore that robot open from his head down to his feet
he never had a chance to see his great defeat
the monkey destroyed the robot's laser eyes
and kept them for his dinner and baked them into pies
'cause the monkey was crazy as i said before
yeah he beat that evil robot, the robot is no more
so tonight when you go and gaze into the sky
thanks to the monkey for defeating robot eyes
thanks to the monkey
thanks, thanks monkey
thanks to the monkey