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X L X 45. That
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


flying around in fear of someone falling on my foot
face finally frozen from the fried fool
staple takes vacation day for everyone
presents ugly open clothed
thirty-one, thirty-one, fifty-one reasons
not to buy a new brain
it won't change with the seasons
won't run into no train
hold yourself for ransom and don't negotiate
don't give in, vomit what you ate
if you learn to figure skate it's already too late
for the tap dancing spider monkeys dressed in red
ants carry bouquets on their backs for the guests
i fall up to the ceiling with my eyes filled with dread
and i close all of my fingers for those monkeys
they're the best
fry, drown, and bury me way up in that sun
flaming ball of gas peels my eyelids back
dry hot and crumbling and i'm not the only one
the same thing happens to the king of this town
and the monkeys all laugh and the hamsters
gather 'round and the weasels slip away
into the cold of the night and the squirrels
play for keeps and the lord won the fight