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S L X 48. Wrongtastic
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


This is the "title track" of the Wrongtastic album. Having title tracks is wrongtastic, so here one is. Wrongtastic!


i'm stuck inside my house today
it's raining cats and dogs
they're falling on the ground in heaps of blood
reminds me of the day
it all went wrongtastic, baby yeah
i'm getting hungry, gotta eat a sandwich
made of mustard and pork chops
on a sesame seed bun
makes me think of the meal
that was wrongtastic, baby yeah
call my dog on the telephone
asking him to please come home
he laughed at me and said to go to hell
that dog is really wrongtastic, baby yeah
'cause it's wrongtastic, baby
wrongtastic baby yeah yeah yeah