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X L X 49. Heavy Doom Crap of Doomyness
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


"time for bed," said Mr. Sleepyhead
who had to eat bread so he wouldn't be dead
so he went to bed so he could sleep and count sheep
and dream of Little Bo Peep in a Jeep
going down a hill that's really steep
at the end of the bottom was a big garbage heap
that was really deep, so she parked her Jeep
at the bottom of the hill that was steep
but forgot to put on the parking brake
and it started to creep
onto her toe. "oh no," she cried out
"you have to let go! it's starting to feel cold like snow
i'll have it cut off and feed it to Moe the crow
who lives down the street next to Poe
whoa, that's it now, stop the flow
that's leaking from my toe"

wondering just where i'm from
and maybe i'm from kingdom come
open up your soul to me
what are you hiding that i can't see
if you want to walk down my road
then listen to your conscience
and do what you're told
looking at your eyes, i can see that you're shy
just don't walk away and say goodbye
i thought you'd understand but i guess you don't
i wanted to explain but now i guess i won't
with a coo cookachooka choo choo