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S L X 10. Zap into the Past
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


The music was created in Jeskola Buzz (old-school version) 10 million years ago. Robbie discovered it on a CD made by Reuben in 1976, then added the lyrics in November of 1902.


I'm walking down the street and I'm going real fast
My velocity is such that I zap into the past
Find myself trapped back in 1642
Where the rock is not invented and the sky has not turned blue
Everyone is staring as if I am something weird
So I tell them "howdy-doo" and they run away in fear
Now I'm stuck in this time with no way to get back
And walking backwards fast is the talent that I lack
So help me if you can, Dan, send a time machine
'Cause getting back to my time would be something really sweet