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X L X 20. Jasper and the Devil
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Oh one day Jasper's bones ached so hard, his heart let out a scream, oh
Heard for miles was his sorrow so great, oh
But the heart was the source of the devil and it took old Jasper down to hell
Oh, Jasper and the heart of doom, oh
In the mines with the chain gang, oh
Never see the sun or a daisy again, oh

Now the gang struggled with Jasper's dead weight
Like an animal in a trap, eyes wide with fear
On account of the evil screaming heart of doom
Oh, Jasper's screaming heart of doom, oh

Oh will the devil in old Jasper's heart get out, oh
And crawl in another body and steal another soul, oh

Now every day the chain gang is plagued by ghastly screams
And frequent deaths and accidents
The locals speak of the curse of the mine and the legend of old Jasper

Oh, Jasper's sittin' pretty with the devil, oh
Lookin' grim as the reaper, oh yes

Oh he's swimming through the flames like a dragon, oh
Jasper's heart of doom, oh (x10)
Jasper and the devil