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X L X 26. Deviled Greens
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Eat a cornbread sandwich with a heap of deviled greens
Take a walk on my shoes; I think you'll see what it means
When the bell chimes on Monday there's a world of shattered bricks
And the envelope I've conquered is filled with broken sticks
Take it, Anagram

When I came back to the garden it was a lumpy pile of clay
The dirt whales came on Sunday; I've never had a better day
Take a meatloaf omelet and a bag of pickled rocks
Never seen a man who could jump into his socks
Hit it, Anachronism

Drink a pint of chestnut juice and kill an exploding shark
If you like how a moose eats, you'd love me after dark
No one ever told me that the world is not inside-out
The lights are on but we're never home so take a bow and shout
Like a narwhal