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X L X 27. Kung Pao Froot Loops
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Right now! It's a one-two-three-four
Kung pao! Gonna knock your ass to the floor
Gettin' up? What's up, do you want some more?
Just kidding, help you up and walk you to the door
Just then! It's a five-six-seven-eight
Listen to my rhymes 'cause it makes you feel great
Does eating Froot Loops make you want to change your state?
Wait a minute, think about it, just contemplate
Hey ho! Don't you know what I'm teaching you?
Are you sad? Don't cry, just tie your shoe
What's the matter, can't do it? Let me help you
But be careful not to step in dog poo

Yeah, boy
Insert Piz Hereó>
We in fulll efffeckt, suckkaz!!!

Now here we have the master
Breaking it down for you like a disaster
It's the master ninja dirt baby

(Yeah, boy)