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X L X 29. Zebraic Firmament
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Can you taste the blood in the back of your throat singing worms love brains but they always choke up in the dark brown feeling in your head lamp shade tree branches out once you're dead twice upon a couple of times I saw through a forest of timber wolves chewing on a jaw bone/bona-fide clown in the alley way side ways around to the pilot who's bringing me down town under the city lights wreath above the stars the plastic people are moving like cars driving between the lanes in the night time taking its toll on the big street light black shadows on the face of the cliff at the ridge take the trolley across the old nose bridge the gap between the lines is full sail across the ancient lake of skull cap blowing off in the victim's skin-ned alive and well done churning in the wind mill spinning threads into sheets of ice chest heaving heavy blades making them sliced the cake of sorrow growing fat on death wishes for your voice with every breath-taking sight off that body in my head needs a hat trick the brain not to see it when it's shaped like that way down there people leading their livestock/ talk to the old man sharpening the knives sometimes frozen and other times thawed/thought waves crashing in may like it or not my stomach upset my mind ablaze/a blazing quill put more time in your days.

More time in your days, wooohooohooo ooohooo more time in your days, yeaahaaaahaaaaaa (etc.)