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S L X 32. The Old Cedar Grove
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


Just accordion and drums, plus a double theremin/double guitar "solo" at the end.


No one ever leaves the old cedar grove
Yet it draws souls in like a black hole
The earth is soft as the hide of a cat
The goblins of the North like it like that

Their lair is a maze of winding passages
Receding all the way to the center of the Earth
Where they smelt down iron taken out of blood
To make their tools and weapons of siege
Some fools in these parts just don't believe
In goblins and trolls until they wander into the old cedar grove
And they're captured and flayed and reduced in a cauldron
And fed to the trolls while it's scalding hot

So beware the cedars
They'll eat you alive
And kill you too