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X L X 1. 16. the dollar sign of mars
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


oh look under the christmas tree, a package waiting there just for me
open the box and look inside, set it down there by my side
it's the thing i had to get, it's my brand new chia pet

chorus: chia x a lot

watering the brand new friend i got, trying not to make it really hot.
it is there when i want to talk, i am there when it wants to walk.
he has grassy thick green hair, we go almost everywhere.


i love him, he loves me. we're the best of friends, you see
i know that he's not alive, that's ok cause neither am i.
can't you see just who i am, i am spam, a can of spam
you thought i was a human man, i am spam, i am spam.