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X L X 2. 04. pigs
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


going to a country where you don't know how to speak
makes you really stupid and it makes you really weak
before you go to mexico please learn how to talk,
and if you don't and then you go, your sure to get mocked.

sí habla español

i can't speak the language, i don't have the tongue,
and in this stupid country the streets are filled with dung.

sí habla español
onniconcbr burrito
señor taco

i can't tell what they're saying, i don't know a thing,
i can't speak the language, i just don't have the ring.

eoubvoncpoem epimxo,x yr mxorinvoo
that's the song and that is it
anybody want a burrito?