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X L X 2. 08. the mysterious world of the bean plant
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


my shoes are green, they have no pants, they cut their hair, it get in my way.
my cat has eyes, it has no shoes it plays the drums, it has no fingers,
that's ok, cause i don't care. my beans are blue, they have no socks,
they love my cows, i eat my beans, they are happy.

beans make me happy, beans make me happy

my nose is hot, it likes to bleed, it has no shoes, i cut it off.
i have this cow, it makes me laugh, for its dinner, it eats its beans,
they are happy.


i have this guy. he has no shoes, he likes to hurt, all my cows, i tell him no,
he eats my beans, i punch him hard, with my fist, out comes my beans,
i eat them and they are happy.


i have this door, it likes to walk, it uses my shoes, but that's ok,
cause it is green, it carries a flag, on its knob, it wears my shorts,
i eat my beans, and we are happy.


now my beans are all gone, that's ok, cause i have another can in my pocket.

we go mad!!!!!!!!