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X L X 2. 09. this song is gay
(Lyrics & Music by The Piz)


hey paul, how ya doing
robbie, like those pants
feet under my drum, eh
k-mart, toilet tray
shirt flannel and me
doorknob, take a pee
toolbox basketball under the wall and here's the way
dog bit my arm. run on the grass and fly to new arm
thirstbuster, rock trip over. rock and feet and pow
zit, really big on my nose. gonna oxycute it, where's the hose
i gotta go rip out my nose, put it in the fridge
when i come back, i'll eat it. shove it up my mom
don't forget your toes, my friend. drive to the mall with a big hen
oh look, there's an eyeball. oh wait, i think that's mine
yellow teeth, stink mey breath, came along with a big head
pig horse cow, can of soap
tablecloth. and a little brass rope.
metal desk, golden plate. upside down with a guy named nate
nate put on my wallpaper. i gave him a kiss and a shake
ice cream burger yummy for me, i love to eat all the snails in my ass
lemonade, henry 203. coldampruvement, and i'm really tree
upside this ship, lasagna. cheek go chicago, and onya
tree flavor, window. brass on the floor saw the cat come and he asked for more
robbie are you still on the phone? could you get off i have to call someone.
phone call over, that is all. someone take my foot to the mall
gotta go, see ya soon. gonna have sex with a dog on the moon