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Elderly Landscapes Compilation

Elderly LandscapesSide A
Agothocles - "Robotized"
Insert Piz Here-> "Larry's Park"
Especially Likely Sloth - "Narcoleptic Elf Face, the Killer of Epileptic Owls"
Captain 3 Leg - "2nd Song" - "The 'Anti' Song" - "Love Ballad" - La La, La La" - "Barnyard Fun" - "The Punch Line" - "Scrid" - "Bloody Death" - "Jazz Shit"
The Poops - "S'mores Story"
Hopkend - "New Breakthrough Solves Problem"
That One Band - "Ready to Fight"
Spazz - "One Ghetto to the Next"
The Earwigs - "333 Post-coital Lust in Space Pants"
Michael Goldberg Trio - "Right Hand Left Hand"

Side B
Hose Monster (no song title)
Orchestral Pit's Cannibals - "The Final of Disease"
Tingler - "Footloose"
Michael Goldberg Trio - "Chocolate Donuts"
DUMb - "My Tourist Attraction"
Agothocles - "Is It Really Mine?"
Cannibal Cop - "I Live in a Woodstock Nation"
Insert Piz Here-> "I Need a Pencil"
Satanic War Bitch - "Accused of Rape"