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PawnSide 1
The Knobs - Lightnin' In My Fingers
Tricky the Cosmonaut - Robert
Spite - Industry
The Flying Shelsons - Best Day I Ever Had
Sam Gironda - Smile
Frank Moore and Linda Mac - I Got You Babe
Neck - Answer Me
It Could Be Nothing... - Not Made In Taiwan/On Tongues
Rodeo Boy - Monumental Occasion
bloom - Space Needle
Felix Diaz - Gays, Straights and Bisexual Mobiles
Okinawa Fumihiro - excerpt from the Dr. Key GB recordings

Side 2
Sidedoor Johnnies - City House
Tex Svengali - Slack
Phil Brulia - The Pirahna Story
Mike Errico - On This Train
Unclench - Valediction
The Piz - Chocolate Dinner
Squid Brillo - Vanilla Lobsters From Mars
Audio Explorations - Untitled 1
Chris Cunningham - Hamd'ullah
Jenifer Convertible - My Boy Bill
Mil Mulliganos - Darby Shaw
Jug Or Not - Fifties

from http://www.spiralarchive.com/BZ11.htm:

PAWN - Compilation (Cassette - Opulence)
Most artists on this tape are American with one exception, a great introduction to some of the left field music that's currently coming out of the States. This features KNOBS (X meets Television), TRICKY, THE COSMONAUT (LoFi meets Jonathan Richmond), SPITE (grunge in the style of Jesus Lizard/Nirvana), FLYING SHELSONS (surreal ranting black humour reminiscent of Zappa), SAM GIRONDA (solo singer/guitarist), FRANK MOORE/LINDA MAC (bizarre reinterpretation of Sonny & Cher classic), NECK (thrash metal meets Rage Against the Machine with pop ambiences), IT COULD BE NOTHING (Psyche meets Soundgarden), RODEO BOY (pop in Sonic Youth style), BLOOM (psychotic grunge meets Pixies), FELIZ DIAZ (Electronic meets pop guitars with a wry sense of humour), OKINAWA FUMSHIRO (oddball cut ups from Japan), SIDE DOOR JOHNNIES (punk/pop in the Green Day/Presidents mould) TEX SVENGALI (swamp rock via Rocket from the Crypt), PHIL BRULIA (strange tale about Piranas), MIKE ERRICO (earnest singer/guitarist), UNCLENCH (thrash punk) PIZ (skitty electronics reminscent of Devo), SQUID BRILLO ( B Movie soundtrack music), AUDIO EXPLORATIONS (experimental ambiences), CHRIS CUNNIGHAM (singer/guitarist), JENNIFER CONVERTIBLE (rap pop/punk Run DMC meets Green Day), MIL MULLIGANS (grungy pop) and JUG OR NOT (pop/punk).

This cassette is brim full of interesting material and I defy anyone not to find something they would enjoy. All done with a sense of enthusiasm and a big dollop of humour, especially the film cut ups used between the tracks.
Contact: Opulence, Po Box 2017, Wilmington, NC 28402-2071 USA.